PK2 6870 LR 1 scaled Building the Future: Scania breaks ground on their 10th Facility in Hope Valley. 1

Building the Future: Scania breaks ground on their 10th Facility in Hope Valley.

This week marks the beginning of Scania’s expansion with their ‘Ground Breaking’ Ceremony. 

Built Ink Director, Michael Little, joined Scania Australia Managing Director Manfred Streit, WA, SA and NT Dealer Director Michael Berti, and Developer, Marco and Sandro Mosole, to celebrate a key milestone as they turned dirt on Scania’s new facility site in Hope Valley, Western Australia. 

At the core of this project lies Scania Australia’s vision to enhance its operational capabilities and elevate customer satisfaction to new heights as the company meets their increased market demand.  

Built Ink has been selected as the trusted partner to bring Scania’s vision to life by Developer Marco and Sandro Mosole. The team is honoured to be entrusted with the construction of this state-of-the-art facility, which will play a pivotal role in Scania’s expansion and service delivery across Australia. 

Built Ink Director, Michael Little, says “we are proud to partner with Sanmar and Scania in creating a facility that not only meets Scania Australia’s operational needs but reflects their values of efficiency, sustainable transport and customer satisfaction”.

The facility will be equipped with the latest technologies, including Scania Australia’s first true electric vehicle ready facility, with design features to optimise warehouse management, streamline storage operations, and facilitate world-class vehicle servicing. Built Ink is dedicated to ensuring that the facility meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

As construction progresses, Built Ink will remain dedicated to maintaining open communication with Project Managers, Pacific Industrial Co and Stakeholders, providing a transparent approach and collaborative build ensuring the project stays on track and exceeds expectations. 

PK2 6860 LR Building the Future: Scania breaks ground on their 10th Facility in Hope Valley. 3

“We’re excited to bring our expertise to this project and contribute to the success of Scania Australia’s operations” adds Builder, Paul Little. “Together with Scania, we’re building a facility that meets current needs but also anticipates future challenges and opportunities in the transport industry”.

This project showcases Built Ink’s capabilities and highlights the company’s commitment to driving positive change and innovation within the construction industry. By collaborating with Sanmar and Scania, Built Ink is helping shape the future of key transport suppliers and create spaces that innovate and endure.

The project is set for completion in 2025.

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