Orion Industrial Park: Elevating Industry Through Strategic Positioning In Western Australia

Orion Industrial Park: Elevating Industry Through Strategic Positioning In Western Australia

As Orion Industrial Park opens its door to businesses seeking progressive and sustainable industrial environment, the park stands as a testament to the evolution of the industrial market, promising growth, efficiency and a blueprint for the future of industrial property development in Perth. Our development department, Little Property Group, has partnered with Built Ink, one of the leading industrial developers in Perth. Together, their combined expertise in industrial property development and design, along with construction capabilities, have enabled them to secure land within the estate to support the expanding industrial businesses in the Western Australia Industrial Market.

Strategically positioned at the epi-centre of Western Australia’s industrial landscape and servicing the Western trade coast, this hub is poised to redefine the regional market, leveraging its prime location to provide up to 50 businesses with a host of distinctive advantages.

Nestled next to the expanding Australian Marine Complex and midway between Fremantle and the proposed Kwinana Harbour Wharf, it is at the nexus of major transportation networks offering businesses seamless connectivity to critical roadways. Ultimately making this park highly attractive for logistics, warehousing and manufacturing businesses. Orion’s strategic location becomes a catalyst for efficiency, with a logistical edge that is essential in the fast-paced world of industry.

However, Orion Industrial Park is not just about accessibility, it’s about harnessing the power of place. Surrounded by the unique Western Australian landscape, it will transform 95ha of former limestone quarries to highly desirable industrial land that has recently been proven scarce. The park’s surroundings, coupled with industry suited facilities to service heavy vehicle movement, wide street parking, efficient flow through and the ease of access to surrounding road networks, make it an ideal setting for business to thrive and carve out their niche or expand in the industrial realm.

To enquire about these developments and how a partnership with an industrial developer in Perth like Built Ink can help you grow contact Mike on 0412 252 170.

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