Safety & Waste Management

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At Built Ink, our commitment to safety is unwavering and extends across every facet of our operations, be it within the confines of our internal offices, on-site locations, or throughout the intricate logistics of our projects. We prioritise the well-being of our team members and stakeholders, recognising that a secure work environment is paramount to our success.

To ensure that safety is not merely a goal but an integral part of our daily operations, we have implemented a sophisticated online induction platform. This platform serves as a dynamic tool to streamline and fortify our safety protocols. It ensures that every contractor is not only familiar with but fully aware of each site-specific health and environmental safety measure. Through this platform, contractors can gain a comprehensive understanding and familiarise themselves with essential elements such as our Site Safety Map and Emergency Management Strategies.

Our online platform doesn’t just stop at education; it serves as a centralised repository for contractors to upload all required certifications, including white cards, working at heights certifications, Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), and Job Safety Analysis (JSA’s). This documentation not only streamlines our processes but also guarantees that each contractor possesses the necessary qualifications to contribute to a safe and secure working environment.

Moreover, every contractor is required to sign a ‘Safety Agreement,’ underscoring their commitment to maintaining the high safety standards set by Built Ink. This agreement is an understanding that underscores the responsibilities and expectations that come with being an integral part of the Built Ink Team.

On a weekly basis, our site supervisors conduct HSE Site Hazard Inspections, noting any new hazards or changes to the project that warrant immediate notification to all contractors. This proactive approach to hazard identification and communication ensures that potential risks are swiftly addressed, promoting a culture of safety and accountability.

Recognising the dynamic nature of safety regulations, we go a step further by engaging the services of an external party to conduct thorough safety audits every two years. This external scrutiny not only ensures our compliance with existing regulations but also keeps us ahead of the curve by incorporating newly implemented safety measures and best practices.

Waste Management

In tandem with our commitment to safety, Built Ink places a high priority on responsible waste management. Recognising the environmental impact of construction activities, we have implemented robust waste management practices to minimise our ecological footprint.

All waste generated from our sites and internal offices undergoes an in-depth data collection, forming the foundation of our waste disposal practices. At the collection depot, waste is subjected to a strict separation process, ensuring that recyclable materials are identified and diverted to the recycling stream.

As part of our sustainability initiatives, each site is allocated a specific percentage of recycled material on a monthly basis. This not only encourages responsible waste handling at the site level but also contributes to our broader environmental goals.

Each month, we receive detailed Waste Management Reports that provide a transparent overview of our waste disposal practices. These reports outline the proportion of our waste that is recycled per site, allowing us to assess and continuously improve our waste management strategies. 

Currently, Built Ink proudly maintains an impressive average of 93% by weight and 74% by volume for recycled waste each month, showcasing our dedication to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.

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