What is Concrete Tilt Up Construction

Since our inception Built Ink has become one of Western Australia’s reliable and safest tilt-up construction specialists. Our site supervisors and builders have met all required safety and supervision requirements for tilt-up construction and hold both the required Tilt-Up Safety and Tilt-Up Supervision Certificates.

Concrete Tilt-up Construction

Concrete tilt up construction is a building technique that involves the use of the building material, concrete. This form of construction is known for its efficiency, precision, and strength and has become the most common form of construction for industrial and commercial buildings. Concrete tilt up Construction involves pre-fabricating concrete panels in a warehouse or pouring formed concrete panels on the slab, that is then lifted to form the exterior (and some interior depending on the size of the building) walls of the building.

Once the walls are lifted they are secured onto footings brackets and temporarily propped back to the slab where they then form the exterior of the building. Each panel is braced until the roof members are installed and ties the structure together. The external facing panels of the building can then be clad or painted in any desired product or colour suitable for external application. Likewise, the interior facing walls of the panels can be insulated or coated to suit the internal use of the building facility. Tilt-up panels provide a strong, fire rated exterior to any structure.

Tilt-Up buildings

Tilt-Up buildings can be designed to any shape or size. The flexibility of its application again makes it attractive for use in industrial design and construction. Tilt-up Panels cast on-site, creates a cost-effective method of external load-bearing construction.

Our Design for Concrete Tilt-up Construction

Built Ink has over 150 concrete tilt-up construction design and built projects under their belt with an extensive understanding of the construction process. This is why we provide the fastest turnaround of build within the industry.

If you would like us to look at your next concrete tilt up construction project get in touch with the Built Ink Team.

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