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Welcome to Built Ink, your complete solution for all your industrial design and construction needs. Established in 2014 in Perth, WA, we’ve made our mark in the industry with our innovation, attention to detail, and customer-focused services. Whether it’s a small commercial facility or a large industrial warehouse, our versatile expertise can cater to many project requirements.

Since its inception, Built Ink‘s capabilities have made the company the new-age leader in industrial design and construction.

Our portfolio of award-winning projects and partnerships includes small to large-scale commercial and industrial warehouses, fabrication facilities, to medical centres, and everything in between.

With us, you get more than just construction services. We provide a comprehensive solution encompassing planning, design, construction, and project management. Our experts ensure a seamless construction journey, assuring timely completion while adhering to the highest industry standards.


Small to large-scale commercial projects, including showrooms, medical centres, offices, retail, and shopping centres.

We pride ourselves on being a leading name among commercial construction companies in Perth, WA. Whether you plan to construct a small showroom or a sprawling shopping centre, we have the skills and resources to deliver beyond client expectations.

Our team comprises professionals who combine their technical skills with creativity. This means you get the best of both worlds since we’re known for designing and constructing spaces that aren’t just functional but aesthetically appealing. We realise that every business is unique, and so are its infrastructure requirements. Therefore, we tailor our strategies, keeping your specific needs at the core, to create a space that truly mirrors your brand image and business goal.

Any commercial construction project, from conceptualisation to completion, can be complex. It involves a multitude of decisions, precise planning, and efficient execution. We simplify this journey for you. Our specialists handle every phase meticulously, keeping you informed at every step of the way. Our unique project management skills ensure projects are completed on time and within your budget.

When you entrust your project to us, you’re not just getting a construction service. You’re investing in a partnership that puts your satisfaction and success at the forefront.

Sero Institute, Bayswater
Commercial Construction Services


Includes small to large-scale mining, fabrication facilities construction, processing factory constructions, and logistics facilities construction.

We extend our expertise to industrial construction services, requiring high standards, careful planning, and exceptional quality. Our vast portfolio reflects our credibility, showcasing our success in constructing various industrial facilities for all types of operations.

Each industrial structure we create is designed with your specific operational needs in mind. Our tailored solutions ensure your premises look amazing and are highly functional, driving your business towards future growth. Regardless of the project size, we stay committed to delivering unparalleled quality and excellence.

One factor that sets us apart as one of the leading industrial construction companies is our emphasis on safety. At Built Ink, we adhere to stringent safety protocols, never compromising the well-being of your workforce. Our material selection, construction techniques, and process management are all dictated by a commitment to maximum safety without sacrificing your industrial facility’s efficiency or aesthetic appeal.

In addition, our commitment to sustainability ensures we incorporate environmentally friendly materials and practices where possible, contributing to the broader goal of reducing the industry’s carbon footprint. We understand that today’s businesses value sustainability, and we align our services to help you achieve these environmental objectives.

Choosing Built Ink as your industrial construction partner means working with a company that prioritises your business objectives, understands the nuances of your industry, and dedicates itself to exceeding your expectations. With us, you are not merely erecting a structure but laying the foundation for your business’s future. By collaborating with us, you can be confident that your project is in expert hands that will guide you toward success.

Warehouse Construction Services

Our warehouse construction services include small to large-scale storage facilities, including low to high-rise, cool storage, and logistics facilities.

Built Ink is known for its specialised warehouse construction services in Perth. We excel in creating spaces that range from compact storage solutions to expansive logistics centres. However, we don’t see it as just building a warehouse. Our skilled team consults thoroughly to understand your specific operational needs, delivering tailored warehouse designs that are functional and durable.

Our approach involves innovative techniques and superior-quality materials for strong, long-lasting structures. We keep pace with technological evolutions and industry trends to ensure your warehouse remains modern and is future-proofed for years to come. Every warehouse is designed with a keen eye on space optimisation, easy goods movement, and safety.

Additionally, we look far beyond your current needs, anticipating future expansion and changes in business demands. Environmental sustainability is integral to our design philosophy, and we strive to incorporate energy-saving measures and waste-reduction strategies, helping your business fulfil its sustainability goals.

By choosing us, it means selecting a trusted partner dedicated to bringing your vision to life. We aim to build more than mere storage spaces. It’s our goal to construct warehouse facilities that enable, support, and drive your business forward.

Commercial Construction
Commercial Construction Services

Concrete Tilt Construction

Built Ink is rapidly becoming the go-to leader in concrete tilt commercial and industrial buildings.

Concrete tilt construction is becoming an increasingly popular technique for crafting commercial and industrial structures. Praised for its versatility, efficiency, and durability, the method of concrete tilt brings many advantages to the table. We harness these benefits to deliver the best results on every single project.

Our team of seasoned professionals who are experienced in the nuances of concrete tilt construction use this knowledge to create strong, sustainable, and future-ready structures that align with your unique specifications. Whether you’re building a commercial showroom or an expansive industrial warehouse, we tap into the power of concrete tilt construction to transform your vision into a reality.

We carefully manage each phase of the process, starting with the casting of concrete panels all the way through to their precise placement. Safety and precision are always our priorities, ensuring the outcome is a durable structure that seamlessly combines practical functionality and pleasing aesthetics.

Our portfolio stands as a proud showcase of our dedication to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction. It paints a clear picture of our capabilities, punctuated by successful projects spanning various scales and sectors.

However, our services extend beyond construction. We’re committed to providing a hassle-free experience from conception to completion. Our transparent communication, detailed planning, and on-time delivery ensure you enjoy a stress-free construction process.

Tenders Response

Our experienced and dedicated in-house estimator can prepare all required tender proposal documentation for any commercial or industrial project.

We go beyond being just a construction partner. We’re here to help you every step of the way and form enduring relationships. We offer comprehensive tender proposal documentation services for commercial and industrial projects, which can often be a complex and time-consuming process. Our experienced in-house estimator guarantees quick and competitive responses, streamlining your project planning.

Our focus remains on delivering value at every stage of a project, so even if you’re only in the very early planning stages of a project, we can still help you out. With Built Ink, you don’t just get a commercial building. You get a complete service that’s designed to help you achieve your goals.

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If you’re looking for commercial builders who know the ins and outs of the construction industry, look no further than Built Ink. We pride ourselves on exceptional service. From the first phone call with us, you’ll understand why so many people choose us for commercial construction across Western Australia. Contact us today to learn how we can help kickstart your next project.

Commercial Construction


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We have completed a range of projects from small offices to large scale and complex premises all over Perth.

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GJP05534 Office and Warehouse - Katanning Street Bayswater 1
Office and Warehouse – Katanning Street Bayswater
Office and Warehouse – Katanning Street Bayswater
GJP05534 Office and Warehouse - Katanning Street Bayswater 3
Image9 16 Industrial Unit Development (Under Construction) - Scorpius Loop Orion Industrial Park 5
16 Industrial Unit Development (Under Construction) – Scorpius Loop Orion Industrial Park
16 Industrial Unit Development (Under Construction) – Scorpius Loop Orion Industrial Park
Image9 16 Industrial Unit Development (Under Construction) - Scorpius Loop Orion Industrial Park 7
GJP08427 HDR 5,500sqm Office and Workshop Renovation - 28 Jackson Street Bassendean 9
5,500sqm Office and Workshop Renovation – 28 Jackson Street Bassendean
5,500sqm Office and Workshop Renovation – 28 Jackson Street Bassendean
GJP08427 HDR 5,500sqm Office and Workshop Renovation - 28 Jackson Street Bassendean 11