Built Ink combats construction site crime with Site Sentry

Built Ink combats construction site crime with Site Sentry

Industrial and commercial builders are tasked with juggling a range of activities throughout each combat construction journey. From having the build completed in a timely manner, keeping their clients happy and providing a safe secure environment for their contractors. So, it only made sense for industry leading Built ink to engage Site Sentry to protect its sites from theft and vandalism.
Theft from building sites is a constant thorn in the side of so many developments, with everything from bobcats to tools frequently being stolen. It’s an ongoing blight which affects budgets, timely delivery of projects and morale for contractors and builders that are left to pick up the bill.

“People will steal anything not tied down,” says Site Sentry Director Paul. “An almost completed large industrial project was raided recently for its copper cabling and pipes, with the thieves lassoing all of it in the ceiling and dragging it out behind their car causing significant damage.” It was a theft which would cost the builders insurance more than $1.2m.

With such large sums at stake, a game-changing approach to building security was required – and Built ink was early to adopt leading technologies such as Site Sentry for their construction services.

Site Sentry is a visually imposing CCTV system using modern technology and intentional design features to prevent or assist in combating crime. Standing six metres tall and weighing over a tonne with built-in LED floodlights, strobes and a loudspeaker system, Site Sentry units achieve a powerful presence to deter anti-social behaviour before it takes place, as a first line of defence.

With Site Sentry units positioned strategically within a combat construction site, Built Ink can achieve 24/7 surveillance. The system picks up on any activity and activates a pre-recorded message, siren, lights, and a recording begins. This allows us to keep both our site secure but also safe for contractors.

It’s designed to scare people off and through an app, Built Ink’s project manager are also notified of any disturbance. Thanks to some clever tech, it’s also possible to address the trespasser directly by speaking to them directly through the system. In short, it’s like having eyes on the ground, at all times – whatever the time of day and allows Built Ink to stop crime before it happens.

Project managers can also use the systems as a supervision tool with the ability to log on and see if trades are on site or deliveries have been made in real time.


Site Sentry and Built ink are also currently working on a time-lapse production of a current build in Port Kennedy. Time lapse is a fantastic way to let people see the build process unfold in a 30-60 second clip. Footage is shot in 24mp and all photos are loaded onto a client dashboard as they are captured, a live URL can also be embedded into a website letting visitors see live progress images of the build as it unfolds.

Innovatively addressing security challenges in commercial construction, Built Ink’s integration of Site Sentry not only safeguards their construction project management approach from theft and vandalism but also reinforces their commitment to delivering projects efficiently and safely.

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