Introducing Orion Business Complex: A new milestone in Industrial Development in Perth

In a bid to meet the escalating demand for industrial spaces in the southern corridor suburb of Wattleup, a groundbreaking initiative has been set in motion. The Orion Industrial Estate is poised to welcome its first 16-unit warehouse development, marking a significant milestone in the region’s industrial landscape. Lead Contractor Built Ink, in collaboration with Little Property Group, see the development as primed to redefine the essence of industrial infrastructure in the area.

Highlighted in ‘The Industrialist’, the project, situated at 70 Scorpius Road, has been named ‘Orion Business Complex’. Acknowledging the pressing need to address the scarcity of industrial properties, the development is expected to swiftly integrate into the market fabric. As mentioned in the article, the location’s strategic placement and the acute demand-supply dynamics anticipate a rapid absorption into the market.

Scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2025, the Orion Business Complex promises to set a new benchmark in architectural ingenuity and functional design. Each unit is designed to optimise utility with simple, aesthetic appeal. An innovative energy-saving solar network is embedded into the complex, ensuring long-term cost efficiencies for prospective buyers. 

With the dirt turning in early March 2024, the project is already in full swing, with an impressive 50% of the premises already allocated. This early momentum underscores the palpable anticipation surrounding the Orion Business Complex and the reduced level of stock within the industrial sector. It is evident the development is poised to deliver unparalleled value to discerning investors and businesses.

The project has enlisted JLL, to oversee its release to market. Lead by Luke Schreier, serving as the primary point of contact for all inquiries and consultations. 

In essence, the Orion Business Complex epitomises vision, innovation, and unwavering commitment to building the Industrial building sector of Western Australia. As the latest addition to the portfolio of Built Ink, it stands as one of five projects contracted to the industrial builder in the Orion Industrial Park, proving that it is the company of choice for Industrial Design and Construction projects in Perth. 

Video/Imagery: @snaploader

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