International Women’s Day: Women In Construction

International Women’s Day: Women In Construction

When you think of the Construction Industry, you naturally think of men……and hi vis.

Although women are becoming less of a minority and gender diversity is improving, the number of women in senior and leadership roles is even smaller. A third of women surveyed in the 2019 Ranstad Women In Construction Survey revealed they feel there aren’t enough opportunities for career development within the industry and 39% believe a lack of female role models in senior positions is a key barrier to progression.

A number of factors deter women from getting into, or staying, within the sector including gender discrimination to career opportunities, job flexibility and culture. It is being shown that workplace diversification has a significant impact on increasing company culture and productivity levels. Bringing in more women at all levels of business can help win more contracts and boost company capabilities.

Businesses need to break down the barriers to encourage women to confidently have their place within the industry. Creating a fair and equal work environment, allowing opportunity for career progression, equal pay, meaningful work, learning and development opportunities and flexible working hours are some ways in which we can help improve gender diversification within the industry.

At Built Ink, where we have 50% women in leadership roles within the company and a culture built around the need to encourage women to ‘lean in’, we hope to see more women joining our team and the industry.

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