Coronavirus and Working on a Building Site

Coronavirus and Working on a Building Site- Ways to Protect Yourself Onsite

With the ongoing threat of Coronavirus in our day to day lives, Built Ink’s obligation as leaders in the industrial construction sector to uphold the safety of our sub-contractors and site visitors has been taken very seriously.

Although a lockdown may be on the horizon, we will continue construction and business as per usual. However, will limit face to face contact to zoom meetings and will be issuing a series of policies to accommodate for site work.

A COVID-19 action plan for workers and sub-contractors will be issued to help assist them during these times and to protect their health while on a Built Ink site.

A list of ways to protect yourself and your family when you work on a building site has been compiled. It must be noted that although the construction site is open and exposed to the outdoors, it still requires diligence and careful consideration when working onsite. Any area that has a high density of people has the potential to spread the virus, the construction site is no exemption.

Below are simple tips will help you stay healthy and protect others:

  • Maintain a 1.5 metre distance from other tradesmen and site workers
  • Where possible, restrict the sharing of tools
  • Wear gloves, protective eyewear & a mask as per our site safety policy
  • Avoid or restrict touching your face and particularly your nose & mouth (even with gloves)
  • Bring your own lunch, water bottle, cutlery, etc and avoid sharing
  • Bring hand sanitiser to site
  • Wash your hands before & after eating
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly throughout the day
  • Have a shower as soon as you get home
  • If you are sick, please stay home and report absence to the site manager as early as possibleNow is the best time to take advantage of planning. Built Ink will be working remotely, however, our team is available to assist you with all your design, construction and management needs during the lockdown.

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