An Indigenous round like no other

An Indigenous round like no other

Topping off the Fremantle Dockers’ historic win over the weekend with what would have been the century point by native Michael Walters. In addition, Built Ink associated with Coolbinia Junior Football Club. Sir Douglas Nichols wanted to pay honor to the land’s original stewards. Moreover it is an Indigenous Round celebration on Friday night.

The twilight round saw kids and parents embrace the opportunity to join in the Indigenous Round festivities. It included food tastings, dancing, art and crafts, also a welcome to country by Elder Uncle Ben Taylor.

‘I believe we don’t have enough understanding of indigenous culture’ says Michael Little. ‘I attended an all-boys school and had a number of indigenous mates and developed a great bond with these boys. Purely out of mutual respect, something that can lack at times in society. An event like this is a great way to gain knowledge also experience the culture of our traditional custodians. Thus, I am proud to be part of it’

The event saw a large turnout of young footballers from kindy through to teens together with their parents. They were encouraged to help the junior members play a match also in developing their skills taking on a coaching-type role for the night. Moreover, it is also a great way to develop club bonds and leadership skills.

Club Vice President Kyla Tilbury-Kegg was proud of the involvement on the night that was second to none claiming, ‘It was a fantastic night which exemplified the wonderful community spirit we have at Coolbinia’.

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